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I'm Tim Visée, I live in the Netherlands and im born at (1/24/1997). I'm dyslectic and a student right now. I love it to work with computers, I really like programming websites, software and games. I started developing when I was around 10 years old, I made my first game with the program 'Game Maker' which you may know. I found it really fun to do and I love it to make my own programs and websites which other people uses. Right now, most of the times I make desktop apps or websites like this one. I love to program in Java, C++, PHP, HTML, CSS, VB, Javascript and a lot of other languages, I currently know more than 20 programmers languages.

I also love it to listen to some music while I'm programming. And I also play a game sometimes when I'm stuck with something or when I just want to play a game. I really love the games Minecraft, Battlefield 3, Team Fortress 2, Track Mania, GRID/DIRT and some other.

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